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We have been providing affordable and reliable painting services in Toronto and throughout the surrounding areas since 1996. Our team provides professional painting services for both domestic and commercial projects of all sizes. We’re not just any old painting service, we can manage your entire painting project professionally and from start to finish.

Master Painters
Master Painters

Selective Painting isn't a typical painting service in Toronto. Our painting services in Toronto are great for domestic and commercial projects of all sizes. We pride ourselves on delivering a superior customer experience with expert support along the way.

Exterior Painters
Exterior Painters

Selective Painting has over 16 years of experience, providing a range of painting services. Our professional master painters can evaluate the exterior of your property and offer solutions to refresh your building and improve its curb appeal.

Painting Estimates / Quotes
Painting Estimates / Quotes

Finding painting quotes in Toronto can be a daunting experience. With so many companies available, it isn’t easy to know where to start. However, there are some essential things you should know before talking to a painting services company.

Building Painters
Building Painters

Toronto is a beautiful city, but the weather can be very unpredictable. Harsh winters don't only affect your daily life, but they can also damage your building. If your paintwork is fading, you might be thinking about getting a restorative building painting service.

Professional Painters
Professional Painters

Our professional painters are based in Toronto, but we serve the surrounding areas too. Toronto is a beautiful city with stunning scenery and dramatic landscapes, so it's only natural that you want your painting service to emulate those elements.

Interior Painters
Interior Painters

It's amazing what a great paint service can do, isn't it? A dull, old space can transform into a beautiful environment with the right contractors. We offer the best interior painting services in the Toronto area. There are many benefits of revamping your interior design.

Painters Near By / Local Painters
Painters Near By / Local Painters

If you're looking for a painting service near Toronto, then we can help you. Our experienced painters can provide a comprehensive paint service, and we're proud of our expert team. While some companies offer simple painting services, we can also advise you on your decor.

Painting Contractors
Painting Contractors

As a company, we only employ the best painting service professionals around. But we also have an extensive list of contractors available. Doing this means we can cater to customers in various locations and allow us to offer the speedy painting services you need.

Painter Costs / Prices
Painter Costs / Prices

For many people, painting their houses can be a time-consuming task. There’s a lot to think about including which colour to choose, the type of paint and equipment required. But, the biggest reason people try to paint their property alone is to avoid painter service costs.

Wall Painters / Wall Repainting
Wall Painters / Wall Repainting

A lot of people choose to paint over wallpapering because it's easier to maintain. A good painting service will last for years, but when it starts to fade, you'll notice it impacts your home's aesthetic appeal. We offer unique wall painting services in the Toronto area.

We always confirm

Our team will always contact you prior to arriving on your premises.

We paint lives, not walls

We take great pride in brightening peoples lives with colour.

We respect your property

You can expect our team to treat your property with the utmost respect.

We arrive on time

Our painters always arrive on time and complete jobs on time.

Experienced Painters

Our painting pros know what they’re doing and will fulfill all of your requirements. We work with commercial and residential clients and always deliver on our promises. As an established painting company in Toronto, we can offer cost-effective prices and high-quality results. At Selective Painting, we like to think big and put our service at the heart of everything we do. It’s important to us that every client we work with goes away with a stunning paint job.

The Best Pro Painters Around

Painting can be a significant investment, but choosing us as your contractors ensures that it’s a wise investment. We’re proud of the service we offer and the master painters that always deliver for our customers. It’s not easy parting with your money, but our company was built on offering transparent pricing and the loyal customer base that keeps us thriving. If you’d like to see evidence of our projects, feel free to view our portfolio.

Using our service means you always have access to local contractors in Toronto and the surrounding areas. You have a vision, and we can help you achieve it. Our values set us apart from other painting companies, but our work defines us. From our portfolio, you can see that we take pride in every project we complete, no matter how big or small it is.

Using our professional painters is a fantastic way to update your home or office and enjoy it for years. Having such a knowledgeable and experienced team means we can also advise you on which paint types are best and help you decide on a colour scheme. We love what we do and guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our work.

We offer a range of painting services to suit your personal and professional needs. Our highly experienced team specializes in delivering quality work. All of our painters are contracted to us, meaning we don’t employ outside parties. Doing this means we can follow our painters every step of the way.

We all know too well that when it comes to weather, Toronto isn’t kind! It’s essential to protect your building from the harsh elements and make sure you maintain its aesthetics. Our exterior painting contractors understand how the weather can damage your home.

We all know too well that when it comes to weather, Toronto isn’t kind! It’s essential to protect your building from the harsh elements and make sure you maintain its aesthetics. Our exterior painting contractors understand how the weather can damage your home.

Naturally, you want to know how much you’ll spend before you commit to any painting project or service. This is why we offer no-obligation painting estimates and complete transparency when it comes to our pricing. Using Selective Painting means you’ll never have unexpected costs, and the final quote is what you’ll pay.

While we can’t give you an exact quote without learning more about your needs, we can guarantee that our prices offer excellent value for reasonable prices. Of course, one room costs less than an entire house, but with our low prices, painting the whole house might be more cost-effective in the long-term.

We’ve completed many interior and exterior projects and work on buildings that require some restoration work or a complete revamp. Our team of contractors is available through the Greater Toronto Area.

When we say our local painters are masters, we mean it. Master painters do so much more than pick up a paintbrush. They plan the whole project, look at which paint is best, and even advise you on the right colour scheme.

If you’d like more information on our wall repainting services, our master painters will come to your home or business and assess your individual needs. Our pricing depends on the current colour of your wall and the scope of the job.

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Clients Praise Our Master Painters

My house was outdated. Selective Painting had done work for me on a commercial project and they came advised me on what to do in terms of painting and I was left very satisfied with their final product. Great team and future for Selective Painting.

Tony G

Greater Toronto
I was in a rush my house just closed and needed to paint. I was referred to Selective Painting from a previous client and I will forever be grateful they did such a fantastic job in a short period of time. Punctual, friendly and extremely efficient. Highly recommend Selective Painting to anyone!

Daniela Miceli

Greater Toronto
I met the team of Selective Painting while working for a custom home builder. I loved their work at the projects they’ve worked on and as soon as I went on my own and was in charge of my own projects, I needed painters that are precise with their work, are easy to work with and are very attention to detail.

Adam Mann

Greater Toronto
I needed a few commercial units to be repainted to give it a fresh look for new renters. Was very pleased with the outcome Selective Painting provided. They were clean. Also very skilled painters. Very efficient.

Frank C

Greater Toronto
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